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Audititons for upcoming show is this Thursday in St Josphs National School

students 11yrs +  only

required to perform piece of script/monologue, verse of a song and showcase any other talents they wish


Talent audition piece :

Someday! Someday! Someday I’m going to get out of this town and get to a real city where my talent will be recognized, where people won’t look at me as though I’m made out of pixie dust because I want to be an actor instead of getting married and working in an office. 


When I tell people I’m going to be a star and do plays and movies someday, I just know they don’t think I’m serious. It’s, like, I’m going through this phase that I’ll outgrow. They tell me to get real. And we all know what “get real” means. It means get stupid and get married or get a job at the paper.


Well... come spring, after graduation, I’m outta here for New York. I know it isn’t going to be easy. But I gotta do it because I think I have talent. Anyway, I’d rather be in New York trying to get a life than live in this boring town



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