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Students PIECES

HI EVERYONE here is our audition pieces you can print off in case you didnt get them last wednesday  ENJOY ........


The Toy Store  7/8YRS


Guess where I'm going today? Yep, you’ve guessed it. The TOYSTORE! Mam has been promising me this trip for a while now. I’ve played I cool, kept my head down. My chore chart is full up, not one star missing. I even helped my brother to clean up his toy cars. Which, I mean, is worth at least two new toys. Maybe even three? A doll, a car, a bike, a spaceship... The options are endless! Ooh, I think I hear the jingle of her keys lets go .......




Sleep Talking 9/10yrs

(This is a monologue called Sleep Talking, written by Unknown. I am playing the part of ‘Child’, the person speaking.In this monologue a child is talking to the audience, telling them how they wished their mother would snore, rather than talk in their sleep.)



I wish my mom just snored like a normal person. When my Mommy gets really tired...she talks in her sleep. Boy she says some really crazy things! I think it’s because of all the scary TV shows she watches. She should watch TV with me, and then she wouldn’t have crazy dreams and talk all night long! I have tried telling her, but you know what parent’s are like...they just won’t listen! ......

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