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Our Drama School Syllabus covers a variety of drama subjects:

  • Drama (all elements)
  • Audition Preparation .
  • Stage Performance and Acting Skills (suitable for stage and T.V )
  • Exploring the art of Mime.
  • Speech and Drama. Interview skills, Public Speaking
  • Developing Effective Communication techniques.
  • Building Confidence, Assertiviness and Self Esteem.
  • Song (vocal training).
  • Our Dance Classes include:(Hip hop,Street Break dance, Swing,Jive & Musical Theatre)

  • We host Annual Show productions & Musicals in all our venues annually

  • We prepare students for Speech & Drama/Acting /Public Speaking Grade Examinations held annually also (which is optional).

    Benefits of Drama

    Drama promotes team-work (team-building games/working together as a cast)

    • Increases self-esteem and confidence.
    • Allows students to express themselves creatively
    • Promotes understanding and empathy (by taking on the role of another character students get the opportunity to learn how to “walk in the shoes of someone else”)
    • Problem solving and co-operation (students work together to develop ideas with one another, they must discuss and agree on outcomes for improvisations and team-work activities)
    • Spatial awareness (students learn not to “block” each other on stage, they learn to create patterns and shapes with their bodies through dance and movement too)
    • Reading and speaking; through the use of tongue twisters, script reading etc students practice reading and speaking. Students learn to emphasize certain words, phrases and how to project their voices properly.
    • Relaxation and fun: drama gives students an outlet to express themselves freely, drama games are fun and allow students to play and relax.
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